Football Rules

Ball in and out of play

Under the rules, the two basic states of the game during the game are the ball in the game and the ball ouut of the game. From the beginning of each game period. The ball has to be played at all times until it is off the field of play. Except whhen the ball quits the game or is stopped by the referee. When the ball is separated from the game, the game is initiated in eight ways to restart. Depending on how it went out of play the game.

Kicking Ball

Kick off : After a goal by the opposing team, or to start each play period.

Throw-in : When the ball has cross the touchline, the oppossing team is awarded the one who finally touched the ball.

Goal kick : Awarded to the depending team when the ball has completely crossed its goal line with no goal and is touched by a player from the attacking team.

Corner kick : Awarded to the attacking team when the ball has completely crossed the target without a run and is rescued by a player.

Indirect free kick : The opposing team is dismissed without any special dishonesty after a “non-penalty” flls, after some technical violation, or when the game is stopped. A goal from as indirect free kick is a straight run. Cannot be made (without touching the other player with thw ball).

Direct free kick : A few listed “penalty” given to the steel team after ffalls. A goal can be scored with a straigth free kick.

Penalty kick : The team being awarded has been punished in the penalty area being awardeed on the basis of direct free kick.

Dropped ball : This occurs when the referee stops messinng up the referee for any other reason. Such as a serious injury to a player, interference from an outside party, or the ball becomes foulty.

Misconduct Foul (Football Associaion)

On field : False occurs when a player commits an offense listed in the laws of the game while the ball is in play. The offenses that constitute dishonesty are listed in law 12. Examples of penalty falls are punishable by a straigth free kick or a penalty kick. On other fouls can be hit indirectly.

The referee may punish the misconduct of player or substitute by vigilance (yellow card) or dismissal (red card). The second yellow card of the same game causes a red card that results in a dismissal. The player referee is called a “book” writing the player’s name in his official notebook. If a player is dismissal. He is replaced by no more option can be given and player cannot participates in further games. The incidents of misconduct can occur at any time and the definitions of the offences in which the misconduct is consititute are broad.

Yellow Card

In particular, “of the game inappropriate behaviour” can be used to deal with most incidents that break the spirit of the game. Even if they are not listed as specific offenses. Or, the referee may shoe a yellow or red card. But they may be removed from the technical area is, if they are not able to conduct themselves responsibly. The referee decision is considered final in all pitch matters. The score of the match cannot be changed after the game. Even if subsequent evidence indicates that the decision (incliding awarded/goals non-awards) was incorrect.

Off field : Along with the general administration of the game. Footbll associations and competition organizers also implement good conduct in broader aspects of the game. Comments to the press enforce good connduct to deal with issues such as the club’s financial management, doping, age fraud and match fixtures. Most contests impose mandatory suspension for players who are sent to a game. Some regional events, if considered too serious (such as accusations of caste abuse), may result in a decision to impose heavier restrictions than red cards.

Red Card

Some associations allow the player to appeal against on-field suspension if the referee inside the club looks inaccurate or unnecessarily harsh.

Sanctions for these barriers may be imposed on individuals or clubs as a whole. Penalties may include fines, point deductions (in league compititions) or even expuision from compititions. For example, the English Football League has financed the administration. Has dropped 12 points from any team coming in. 110 other administrative sanctions have penalized against the game of shook. Micro seized or confiscated against which they will be awarded a technical loss or win. looo

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