Cricket Life

What is cricket ?

Cricket is a bat and ball game played between eleven players, which has a 20 meters (22 yard) pitch in the centre. There are two wickets (bails) on each side. All the members of one side hitting the same ball on one wicket and dismissing (out) one member of the batting. When all members are out, the bowling side bats and batting side bowls. The ball is thrown toowards the cricket by bowling. When the ball hits the stamp or bails is is caught by the batsman after hitting the ball with the bat, But before that he came to the commplete ground pitch. The ball is a hard solid sphere made of leather with a glightly raised sewn enclosing a cork corewhich is layered with tightly wound string. When all the batsmen in the batting are dismissing (out), then the innings ends andd the terms swap roles. The game is appointed by two umpires, who assist the mattch refree in international matches with the help of the third umpire. Fields scorers who record the matches statistical information. These umpires decides the record and right decisions of both the teams. Because of which one of the two teams would win.

Types of cricket

Many types of games are played between players, but cricket also played many typess of games. First, a test match lasts for more than 5 days. In which unlimited overs and team innings are of unlimited length. In this match all players play in all white kit. Some sportsmen wear protective clothing. In order to avoid injury from the ball. Apart from test matches, some matches are of limited overs like limited innings of twenty-20 overs and fifty-50 overs. A limited overs 20-overs match in played between cricket players and a number of matches are played in 20-overs innings. Similarly both teams play 50-50 overs in a 50 overs match. Many matches of 50 overs are played. Like for a 50 overs ODI match and World Cup match in 50 overs.

What is Historically of cricket ?

Historically cricket`s Origins are uncertain and the earliest definite reference is in south east england in the middle of the 16th century. It was long before the expansion of the British empire reached the first international match in the late 19t century. International cricket is famous it has more than 100 members and 12 members out out of it have played test matches. The rules of this match are held in london under the merilebon cricket club (MCC). The game is primarily celebrated in the indian subcontinent, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa and West Indies. Women also very fondly play this game towards this game. Women have played a game played in cricket internationally. The most successful players team is Australia. Which has wonn 7 cups as one day international cricket including 5 World Cup also and world cup any other country of the world most expected. The Indian team under world cup is also two World Cup win.


Hemledon club was founded in the 1760 and the formation of the Marylebon Cricket Club (MCC) for the next 20 years and by opening of lord old grounds of returnable in 1787, we people had both sport`s biggest club and its centre point. Marylebon cricket club shortly became the premier club of the game and a saviour of the cricket system right now. The new low brouht in late 18th century consisted of a Leg Before Wicket (LBW). The 19th century saw under arm bowling superseded by first round arm and then over arm bowling. Both devlopments were controversial. Organisation of the game at country level led to the creation of the of the county clubs, starting wwith sussex in 1839. In december 1889, the eight leading county clubs formed the official county championships, which began in 1890.The most famous player of the 19th century was W. G. Grace, who began his long and influential life in 1865. Those who were nominal businessmen but who were professionals in terms of financial gain. It is said that he was given more money to play cricket than any professional. In the last two decades, the first world war was named the Golden Age of Cricket, but in this period some great players and memorable matches, forms of competition held exclusively at county andd test level.

By the mid 19th century, it had become well established in Australia, Carebian, Indian, New Zealand, North America and South Africa. The first international match between the united states and canada in 1844. A team of english players on the first foreign trip to North America in 1859. In 1876-1877, one England tteam participated in the first test match against Australia at the melbourn cricket ground. Test cricket expanded in 1888-1889, when South Africa played England. South Africa was banned for international cricket as boycatt of apartheid from 1970 to 1992. Cricket ushed a new era in 1963, when english countries presented the format of the limited overs. The first limited overs popularity became in 1971 and the controlled world cricket council showcased the world cup for the first time 1975. New limited overs twenty-20 match at the beginnigs of 21st centurry, something special affected.

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