Both Title of Cricket

Women`s Cricket

Women cricket was recovered in the Surrey in 1745. International develpoment in the early 20th century. When played the first test match between Australia and England in december 1934. The international women cricket council was established in 1958. First cricket world cup in 1973, when a women world cup was held in India, which helps in the management and development of cricket. ICC women rankings launched on 10 october 2015, which includes all formats of women cricket. The women winners were divided in to separate ODI and T20 lists in october 2018 after the decision to give T20 international status to all members.


International cricket council heeadquarters in Dubai. It was established in 1909 by the representatives of England, Australia and South-Africa as the imperial cricket conference. In 1965, it was named the international cricket conference, in 1989, it was given its current name. The ICC is responsible for organizing and conducting the major international tournaments of crire, the men and women versions of the cricket world cup, it also appointes umpires and refrees. All of which work in sanectioned test matches, limited overs, international and t20 international. Each member county has a national cricket board which regulates the cricket matches player in their country. Selectes the national team and organized home and away travel for the national team. In the West-Indies, which is known as a federation for the purpose of cricket, all these things are taken care of by the cricket West-Indies.

Nation List

Thhe table blow lists the ICC full members and their national cricket boards.

NATION —- Governing Body since

Afghanistan – Afghanistan cricket board

(22 june 2017)

Australia – cricket Australia(15 july 1909)

Bangladesh – Bangladesh cricket board

(26 june 2000)

England – England and wales cric board

(15 july 1909)

India – board of control for cricket in india

(31 may 1926)

Ireeland – cricket Ireland(22 june 2017)

New Zealand – New Zealand cricket

(31 may 1926)

Pakistan – Pakistan cricket board(28 july 1953)

South Africa – cricket south africa(15 july 1909)

Sri Lanka – sri lanka cricket(19 july 1981)

West Indies – cricket west indies(31 may 1926)

Zimbabwe – zimbabwe cricket(6 july 1992)

International Competitions

Most international matches are played as distant parts. When one nation travels to another country ffor several weeks or months and plays many matches against the host nation. Sometimes the winner of the test series is given a permanent trophy, which is the most famous name, The Ashes. The ICC world cup also hosts cometitions from several countries, includind the ICC Twenty20 world cup, and the ICC chaampion trophy. League competition has been proposed several times for both ICC world test championship generals and its first example of this started in 2019. 2020-22 ICC cricket world cup super league and its league competition planned to start in 2020. The ICC test panding operates the T20 ranking system for ODI rankings and countries playing these forms of cricket.

National Leaque Systems

called counties in England,and states in Australia aand islands in the west Indies. These are three or four day mtches.

  • Limited Overs Cricket

In these games, the lengh is determined by the in these games, and each side has one innings only. A special formula, known as the duckworth-lewis method is applied if rain reduces tthe time or play. It calculates the target score for the team batting second in a limited overs match interrupted by weather or other circumstance.

  • One Day International T50 –

ODIs are usually restricted to 50 overs batting for each side and each bowler can bowl up to 10 overs maximum. The highest team scorre is England, 481-6 against Australia in june 19, 2018. The highest individual score is 264 of 173 balls by Rohit Sharma for India against Sri Lanka.

  • Twenty 20 Criket (T20 cricket)

Twenty 20 cricket has 20 overs for each side and each bowler can bowl up to 4 overs maximum unlike 10 overs in an ODI math. The highest team score is 263-55 by Royal Challengers Banglore (RCB) against Pune Warrior India (PWI) in the 2013 IPL season. The highest individual score is 175 of 69 balls by Chris Gayle for RCB in the same match.


In England, a number of association football clubs owe their origine to ricketers who sough to play football as a branch of the derbysheir county cricket cub in 1884. Astan villa (1874) and Everton (1876) were both founded by members off church criccket teams. Sheffield United`s Brramall Lane grand was, from 1854, the home of the Sheffield Cricket Club, and then of Yorkshire, it was not used for football until 1862 and was shared by yorkshire andd sheffield united from 1889 to 1973.

In the late 19th centured, a formerr cricketer, english born. Henry Chadwick of Brooklyn, New York, was credited with devising the baseball box score fforr reporting game events. The first box score appeared in an 1859 issue of the game`s “historical essence” that chadwick is sometimes referred to as “the father of baseball” because he facilitated the poularity of the sport in the early days.

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